Who we are...


What's in a name?

EVENTSTICS is a hybrid word, blending the word Events and Logistics. We specilize in providing solutions for all of your event and logistical needs. From putting bodies in the seats, to the actual seats themselves, we can handle it. If you have an event, and it requires logistics, we should be your first call.

Who's at the helm?

EVENTSTICS is led by twin managing partners, Shelly McAdoo and Sherry McAdoo-Champion and Chief Production Officer, Sharvonne Turner. Collectively, Shelly, Sherry and Sharvonne have a long and impressive history in television, special event production, audience production, show logistics, event logistics and corporate events.

What we do...

We specialize in providing customized and responsive audiences for productions,  studio audiences, special events, award shows, gatherings and rallies. In addition, we can handle all logistical details for shows, event productions, press junkits and corporate events and meetings. From audience coordination to red carpet planning and production, we can handle it.

Who we work with...

We have worked with and built audiences for some of the biggest names in the industry and beyond. From Oprah Winfrey and the OWN Network, Steve Harvey, Extreme Makeover, The Oscars/Emmy Awards, PBS Networks, BETHer, Arsenio Hall, FOXSports, Coca-Cola/Sprite,  Pickler&Ben and the Newark International Film Festival, to Mayoral and Gubernatorial debates and Fortune 500 Company Corporate Board Meetings and Summits.  You name it, we've probably done it!